Carey gave the award for best pro bono work 2017

During Carey’s end of the year dinner party, the Award to Best Pro Bono Work 2017 was granted aiming at acknowledging the most outstanding legal work that supported different social organizations, foundations and individuals throughout the year.

Pro bono work is essential in Carey’s legal practice. Lawyers that deal with these cases firmly believe they may make a positive impact in the community, collaborating in socially important cases where free legal support is required.

The award was granted to the advisory services provided by lawyers Isaac Stevens and Sebastián Fuentes to the Cuerpo de Voluntarios de los Botes Salvavidas de Valparaíso (Volunteers of Valparaíso’s Lifeboats). These volunteers have historically operated thanks to the funds they obtain from the lease of their restaurant “Bote Salvavidas” (Lifeboat). However, this year they were close to stop rendering their services to the community since the current concessionaire of the restaurant stopped paying rent. Carey represented the Volunteers in a successful negotiation with the concessionaire, reaching an out-of-court solution to the conflict existing in the courts of law and enabling the volunteers to receive, once again, the financing they needed.

November 21st, 2017

Carey supports women entrepreneurs from Independízate Foundation

Within the framework of our pro bono work and as part of Carey’s commitment to the Chilean chapter of Woman in the Profession (WIP) from the Vance Center, the firm joined Independízate Foundation to provide free legal advice to women entrepreneurs. For the second time, Carey will provide advice on employment, corporate, permits and intellectual property issues to four entrepreneurships lead by women, and which will serve as a contribution to society.

Independízate Foundation supports entrepreneurs using a model of collaborative education to strengthen their businesses and skills.

Projects selected were: Recicla y Gestión, BabyCu, Natural Candy and Quelp.

October 19th, 2017

Pro Bono Fundation

Members of the Pro Bono Foundation met with the president of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Pro Bono Foundation organized a breakfast with the president of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), Francisco Eguiguren, to discuss general legal topics and how law firms and companies may increase their contribution to Pro Bono work.

The representative of the international institution attended to speak about the role of the private sector in the Inter-American system of human rights. In this regard, he emphatically assured that “currently, we are all concerned about human rights topics; they are no longer exclusive of a single part of society”.

Eguiguren made reference to the change of scope in the matters of discussion at a Latin American level, where human rights have turned from a historical military-civil perspective to a concern on the environment, native people and the extractive industry, among other topics. Therefore, apart from acknowledging the “legalization” of the Commission, due to the current prevalence of professionals from the legal area, he mentioned that the discussion about human rights in the Commission will increasingly incorporate the involvement of the private sector, always being concerned about keeping respect for human rights.

August 17th, 2017

Thanks to Pro Bono Foundation

Diario Financiero

Latin Lawyer acknowledges twelve local law firms for their pro bono works

For some years now, Chilean law firms are making an effort to spread the word about their pro bono activities. Progress has been so substantial in the past years that the English publication Latin Lawyer, together with Cyrus Vance Center, prepared a guide where twelve Chilean legal firms were recognized, Carey among them. 55 firms were mentioned at a regional level, including offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Central America, among others.

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November 30th, 2015

Pro Bono Fundation

Pro Access and Pro Bono Foundation discuss about the Right of Personal Data Protection

These both institutions developed the panel discussion: “Right of Personal Data Protection: Scope and Challenges” where the discussion focused on the current status of the draft of the bill on this issue. The event was held on November 13th at the offices of Carey and the presentation was led by Juan Pablo Olmedo, president of Pro Access, and Guillermo Carey, partner at Carey and director of AMCHAM, apart from other speakers.

November 16th, 2015

Thanks to Pro Bono Foundation

Pro Bono Foundation and Carey breakfast

The Pro Bono Foundation organized a breakfast to encourage social ventures in Chile, with the attendance of government authorities, lawyers and members of congress. Some of the participants were Gonzalo Fernández, partner in charge of Pro Bono in Carey, Congressman Felipe Kast, Juan Pablo Larenas, Executive Director of System B, Claudio Rubio, Head of the Office of Inspection of the Department of Cooperatives from the Ministry of Finance, among others. The meeting was held at the offices of Carey addressing development of political and social improvements to encourage the creation of B Corps, apart from creating cooperation bonds between lawyers and entrepreneurs.

February 20th, 2015

Thanks to Pro Bono Foundation