• Do you know our pro bono client, Miradas Compartidas (Shared Views)?

    On Solidarity Day in Chile, we want to highlight our pro bono client, Miradas Compartidas (Shared Views), for its enormous contribution to the social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities through a variety of experiences and programs, generating a true social transformation. We congratulate them for their work and invite you to learn more about…

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  • Medical specialties in extreme zones: “We have changed the lives of 147,000 families”

    Fundación Acrux conducted its first operation in 2003, to have the waiting lists for medical attention shorten throughout the country’s hospitals. The foundation comprises nearly 3,000 medical volunteers willing and ready to travel to the remotest places in Chile, to render their medical services to patients in need of them there.

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  • Juan Cristóbal Beytía, TECHO’s chaplain

    TECHO’s chaplain, an engineer with a casual style, charismatic and opinionated, is currently leading a process of internal order of the institution due to the explosive growth it has experienced. Just in Chile, there are 157 people currently working for it.

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