Pro Bono Foundation

Conversation meeting organized by the Pro Bono Foundation and Tierra Austral Foundation

The characteristics and implementation and practical applicability of the Royal Conservation Law and the comparison with its simulation “Conservation Easement” in the United States, Australia and Canada, were the main topics discussed today at Carey during the conversation panel organized by the Pro Bono Foundation and the Tierra Austral Foundation. The event had the special participation of the environmental consultant and professor of the Sustainability Program of the Harvard University Extension School, Henry Tepper, who addressed the international experience in that area.

Some other participants were: Victoria Alonso Armanet of the Tierra Austral Foundation, Franco Acchiardo, partner of the Grasty, Quintana & Majlis, Josefa Giesen Espejo of the Pro Bono Foundation and Felipe Meneses, director of Carey’s Environmental group, with the hosts Eva Méndez, from Pro Bono Foundation and Gonzalo Fernández, partner and co-head of Carey’s Litigation group.

September 12th, 2019
Source: Pro Bono Foundation